Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Envelope Art

I've never been good at drawing, so I've had to hone in on other talents. I love writing letters to friends and family since it's a very personal and meaningful way of staying in touch. Probably about seventy percent of the things I say are meant with a sarcastic or comical overtone, and I have started channeling that into how I decorate the envelopes. It's fun and easy and if I run out of stuff to say in a letter I just put more stickers on the envelope so the recipient has more to look at. It's really worked out quite well and it makes writing letters even more fun!

Possible Demon Sighting

It seemed liked another cheerful summer's day. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and many neighborhood residents were enjoying a casual stroll or leisurely bike ride. I might have even had a little extra pep in my step as I breathed in the warm air, anticipating a delicious lunch as I approached my apartment. Just then, as I turned at the corner of Euclid and Ackerman, I saw a ghastly sight. What was clearly a shriveled, mummified hand was strewn across the sidewalk as if someone had carelessly dropped it on their way to the grocery store. Obviously my first questions were what supernatural being that hand belonged to and if it had crawled here on its own. If the hand was still living apart from its demon body, was I at risk of being suddenly attacked and sacrificed to the demon overlord? I started to panic and snapped a quick photo as proof before crossing the street and hastily continuing my journey home. I peered back for a quick second and I could have sworn I saw those gnarled black fingers twitch.

A Proper Breakfast

Sometimes I have to be creative with my omelette making when I forget to add vegetables until after I've folded the omelette over. Spinach and cheese omelettes are my go-to, and more often than not the spinach ends up on the side as a garnish. No matter, I just call it a deconstructed omelette and carry on like nothing went wrong. Added bonus, the plops of sauteed spinach and salsa on the plate make for a nice presentation.

The Presentation

The Assembly