Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hotdog Spags

Every once in a while you'll see something on the internet and feel inspired. That happened for my friend and I when we happened upon a photo of a very creative way to make spaghetti. We call it "Hotdog Spags." The best part about this meal was having everything in my freezer and pantry besides a box of spaghetti and an onion. What better feeling than winging a recipe by adding already purchased  or donated ingredients (my mom sent me to school with a freezer bag of hot dogs last semester and I never knew what to do with them-- UNTIL NOW!!!)

Step 1: Slice your hotdogs into 3/4 inch chunks.
Stab approximately a dozen sticks of spaghetti
through each hotdog disc. Count roughly how
many times you burst out in laughter as you
realize how silly you look preparing this
childish meal.

Step 2: Add the uncooked Hotdog Spags to a pot of boiling
water. Try not to force the spaghetti into the pot too much.
Be patient as you struggle with trying to preserve the look
of the hot dog skewers. This will be important for
presentation later.

Step 3: Cook the Hotdog Spags based on the
pasta cooking instructions. The hotdogs WILL
be ready when the pasta is. Carefully drain the
food and admire how the hotdog discs have
changed in appearance.

Step 4: Admire your hard work

Step 5: Lentil soup was cooking the whole time. Ladle some
of that good stuff over the Hotdog Spags to finish off a dish
that looks like the product of a college kid on a budget. Dig in.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Boppin' Bug

The other day I was jamming out to some tunes in my bedroom when I noticed I was not the only being  roaming about as Stevie Nicks wailed her guts out. I could seriously almost see bits of intestine seeping through my speakers. While observing the figurative oozing organs I caught sight of the creature bopping around to the music. Bending down to catch a better look, I observed as a little brown stink bug zigzagging around the base of my stereo, apparently mesmerized by the blue light emitting cerulean tones onto the bookcase upon which it was perched.

I knew it was the blue lights my little insect friend was drawn to, but in my heart I imagined Stevie's bewitching words summoned the stink bug out of its winter hibernation.